Who We Are

Our Focus

100 Basketballers in Kreuzberg

Türkyiemspor Berlin stands for participation and openness, nobody is excluded! Since women and girls are under-represented in all areas of basketball (players, coaches, referees, board members), we see this as our first focus. We are a community where women support men and men support women.

In addition to an existing U12w team, the goal is to build up a sub14 girls, as well as a sub16 girls and a second women’s team. From 2020, we would like to train our own players as coaches and referees.




Türkiyemspor Berlin e.V., founded 1978 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, is the biggest Sports club in Germany that was founded by migrants. In addition to the adult football department, which includes four men’s and three women’s teams, the club is very active in youth development. In the 2018/2019 season, nearly 400 boys and girls are playing at Türkiyemspor. The club is regarded as a flagship of the Turkish community of Berlin and the multicultural district of Kreuzberg. Beyond sports activities, Türkiyemspor is committed to social and intercultural exchange. For this, the club has received several awards. One notable example is the Integration Award (2007) of the German Football Association (DFB).

Our Mission

We have a dream. A dream, of an open basketball department, in which all evolve together, as players as well as human beings.

An association where men work for women and women for men. We are represented by a board of directors representing all genders, different nationalities and age groups. Playing in teams that welcome everyone. An organization that uses the digital possibilities of our time to transparently inform about all processes. And about which everyone can participate and have a voice.

A learning facility where our children learn not only dribbling and lay-ups. but participate in workshops building life skills. For example, how to eat a healthy diet, settle quarrels without attacking others, think positively about oneself or organize your own team independently. In which they regularly meet role models from sports and the world. A place where they can apply their knowledge directly, on the pitch and in club organization.

An association that sets an example for a society that stands for the will to develop, participate and co-determine, integrity and transparency as well as fairness and respect.

Help us to make this dream a reality. And it supports us that the first 100 players experience this dream. # kreuzberg100

Meet Our Leaders

Department Head

Franziska Keich

Head of Department
1.Women’s Team

Associate Department Head

Leslie Walker

Associate Head of Department
1.Women’s Team


Niko Huhle

Game, Practice and Event Administration
2.Men’s Team Player-Coach

Youth Development

Gesa Geppert

Youth Operations and Administration
1.Women’s Team


Mathis Rogner

Financial Administration
1.Men’s Team

Referee Administration

David Obando

Referee Recruiting and Administration
wU14 Parent

MEMbership administration

Helene Naegele

Membership Administration
1. Women’s Team

Board of directors

Our power team