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We have a dream. A dream, of an open basketball department, in which we all evolve together, as players as well as human beings. An association where men work for women and women for men. A learning facility where our children learn not only dribbling and lay-ups, but also life skills. An association that sets an example for a society that stands for the will to develop, participation and co-determination, integrity and transparency as well as fairness and respect. We are Türkiyemspor Berlin Basketball.


1.Home Game tailgate - season 2019-2020

Sunday 29. September 2019 from 1PM - 9PM
Blücherstraße 46, 10961 Berlin

13:00 Uhr _ 2.Herren Türkiyemspor vs. Berliner SC
15:00 Uhr _ U14 Türkiyemspor vs. TuS Neukölln
17:00 Uhr _ Damen Türkiyemspor vs. BGZehlendorf
19:00 Uhr _ 1.Herren Türkiyemspor vs. TSV Rudow

Come by and support your Türkiyemspor Basketball Teams! We have 4 homes games on Sunday 29.September 💪💙🏀

Meet dirk on the court

Samstag 27. Juli 2019 in der Wriezener Karree 15, 10245 Berlin.

Public viewing begins at 16.00, please register via the Nike App. Registration does not guarantee access. The rule is: First Come, first Served! In the app, there is also more information. Our coaches will run the Kids Challenges with Moe Wagner and Dennis Schröder!


Türkiyemspor Berlin has been known over the last 40 years for its successful football program. Now, Türkiyemspor is expanding into basketball. In 2018, we are proud to have raised 8,756.00 EUR through our crowdfunding campaign. A huge thank you to our 142 supporters! Our common goal until the end of 2019 is to provide 100 basketball players in the neighborhood with a new basketball home. We also place special importance on supporting girls and women.

Tracking #kreuzberg100

By end of 2019 : provide 100 basketball players in the neighborhood with a new basketball home.

Basketballer*innen 100%



Ballsie started as a project of Freibeuter 2010 and Türkiyemspor, two basketball clubs based in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. We now co-host events for the community to play, talk, and show support to our athletes and volunteers.

türkiyemspor community

Türkiyemspor Berlin e.V., founded 1978 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, is the biggest Sports club in Germany that was founded by migrants. In addition to the adult football department, which includes four men’s and three women’s teams, the club is very active in youth development. In the 2018/2019 season, nearly 400 boys and girls are playing at Türkiyemspor. The club is regarded as a flagship of the Turkish community of Berlin and the multicultural district of Kreuzberg. Beyond sports activities, Türkiyemspor is committed to social and intercultural exchange. For this, the club has received several awards. One notable example is the Integration Award (2007) of the German Football Association (DFB).