Wanted: Coach and Players for 1st Woman’s Team

Our 1. Women’s Team is looking for a new Coach and additional players as we prepare for the 2.Regionalliga 2022-2023 season! 

We are currently a mixed group of motivated and experienced players. We are looking for an equally motivated coach with a long-term interest to invest in the growth and development of young players — as Türkiyemspor Basketball continues to grow as a department. That`s why we are also looking for motivated players. 

About us:

Türkiyemspor Berlin stands for participation and openness, nobody is excluded! Therefore we see the promotion of women and girls in all areas of basketball (players, coaches, referees, board members) as one of our main goals.

We are committed to the continued growth of our U10w, U12w, U14w, U16w and, as of this year, our U18w. Since 2020, we have also committed to train our own players as coaches and referees.

You can check us out on our website, where you also find our gym times: www.tuerkiyemspor-basketball.berlin

Visit us there, pop in for a training session or write us: damen1@tuerkiyemspor-basketball.berlin

Go Türkiyemspor!